Street Fighter 6 Review
Capcom releases their best ever fighting game
May 30, 2023


Street Fighter 6 is the SF title that fighting game fans have been wanting for years. It's incredibly feature rich, with dozens more impressive features (like CFN) that I didn't even touch on in this review. It targets the complete needs of both casual and competitive players. The battle system is well thought out, carefully designed and yet not over-constrained, forcing players to come up with frequent creative solutions to in-game problems.

Most importantly, the game oozes love and care. Rather than feeling like the game merely exists to extract money from its fanbase, instead it feels like everybody involved loves Street Fighter as much as you do, and wants you to experience that enjoyment alongside them. The game never takes itself seriously, frequently allowing players to be goofy and have fun in its world.

The game, of course, is not flawless. Occasionally the menus can get in the way of what you're trying to do. Some players may not mesh with some elements of the combat system. I wish you could set your delay frames in online play, and I wish there was a hitbox viewer in training mode. The long term balance of its incredibly strong characters and systems is still up in the air, so it may be the case that some powerful option sneaked through testing and generates salt for the first half year of the game's life. Like most fighting games, we can only hope any potential issues will be smoothed out over time as the game finds its identity and the developers patch what the playerbase finds frustrating.

Despite this, Capcom has gone the extra mile with this game in a way I don't think they ever have in any past Street Fighter title. When you can feel this goodwill throughout the design, it takes off some of the rough edges, and you're more willing to forgive a few potential issues because the rest of the package is just so complete.

I don't think it makes sense to give Street Fighter 6 a numerical score. I don't review games, so it's hard to assess what a number would even mean without any reference point. However, the game gets an extremely high recommendation from me, no matter if you're a hardened tournament veteran or a casual player thinking of trying your first ever Street Fighter title. Street Fighter was the next franchise in line for Capcom's new blood to turn around, and they did a fantastic job.

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