Street Fighter 6 Review
Capcom releases their best ever fighting game
May 30, 2023

I won't bury the lede here; Street Fighter 6 is the best Street Fighter game Capcom has ever made. The development team has shown their passion and love for the franchise in every corner of the game, from presentation to features to gameplay, setting new genre-wide standards in nearly every aspect. They've built a game that will appeal to casual players while still promoting creativity and rewarding study for competitive players. It is almost unthinkable that this game was produced by the same studio that launched 2016's Street Fighter V in such a poor state.

My review of the game will take a bit of a different approach from most media outlets. While I will briefly cover the standard review topics like graphics and performance, I'll leave extensive discussions for those topics to other people. My interests lie more in talking about whether Street Fighter 6 innovates for the competitive player, how it handles making interesting content for a casual player, and whether those two worlds can (or should) overlap.

The fighting game community is also in an interesting position with SF6, as it's a game that has been playable for nearly a year in various states, including several beta tests and a demo freely available for download. By now, many Street Fighter fans have been able to try slices of the game and form their own opinion. My goal is to give insights in this review even for those who already have a first impression on liking or disliking the game, and talk about aspects of the game that weren't present in previous builds.

Since Street Fighter 6 is an incredibly dense game with lots to talk about, I've separated the review across several pages, focused on specific topics. You can use the index below to jump around if you only care about certain topics, or you can simply click "Next" at the bottom of the page to continue reading normally.

P2: Battle System & Controls
P3: Aesthetics & Characters
P4: World Tour
P5: Battle Hub & Online Play
P6: Fighting Ground
P7: Conclusion

[Note: A review copy of Street Fighter 6 was provided by Capcom.]

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